O'Leauge to liga w Halflandii w Kopaj Skórę. 

Pierwsze mistrzostwa Halflandii Edytuj

Nollland United-O'King Eastland 3:0

O'Smith Westland-O'Drake Halfland 0:5

O'Pool United-O'Hurd City 6:4

Celtic O'Emelard-O'Leeds 7:0

Nollland United-O'Pool United 1:0

Celtic O'Emelard-O'Drake Halfland 2:0

Celtic O'E.-Nollland Utd. 1:1

Nollland Utd.-Celtic O'Emelard 0:1

  1. Celtic O'Emelard
  2. Nollland United
  3. O'Pool United
  4. O'Drake Halfland
  5. O'Hurd City
  6. O'King Eastland
  7. O'Smith Westland
  8. O'Leeds

Drugie Mistrzostwa Halflandii Edytuj

O'Smith Westland-O'Drake Halfland 0:1

O'Hurd City-O'Pool United 0:5

Nollland United- O'King Eastland 2:0

Celtic O'Emelard-O'Leeds 7:0

O'Drake Halfland-O'Pool United 0:3

Nollland United-Celtic O.E. 0:2

O'Pool United-Celtic O.E. 1:0

  1. O'Pool United
  2. Celtic O'Emelard
  3. Nollland United
  4. O'Drake Halfland
  5. O'Smith Westland
  6. O'King Eastland
  7. O'Hurd City
  8. O'Leeds

Trzecie Mistrzostwa Halflandii Edytuj

O'Pool United- Nollland United 3:0

Celtic O'Emelard-O'King Eastland 8:0

O'Drake Halfland- O'Leeds 11:0

O'Hurd City-O'Smith Westland 0:5

O'Smith Westland -Celtic O'Emelard 1:0

O'Drake Halfland-O'Pool United 0:2

O'Smith Westland-O'Pool United 0:1


  1. O'Pool United
  2. O'Smith Wesland
  3. Celtic O'Emelard
  4. O'Drake Halfland
  5. Nollland United
  6. O'Hurd City
  7. O'King Eastland
  8. O'Leeds

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